Understanding Your Financial Identity

April means rain showers and taxes and National Financial Literacy Month. Many organizations focus this month on raising public awareness of the importance of financial education and maintaining smart money management habits. Even if you feel pretty secure in basic financial know-how, have you ever merged that with understanding your financial identity? For instance, you […]

Happy First Day of Spring!

Along with enjoying the warm sunshine and the burst of new colors, you may have some spring cleaning in mind. Why is it that the renewal of this season makes us feel ready to tackle some chores: such as getting rid of household clutter, trimming away dead bushes, or cleaning dirty windows? There’s just something […]

Financial Compatibility

Are you financially compatible with your sweetheart? This Valentine’s Day may have you thinking of hugs and kisses more than credits and debits, but many relationship experts agree that being aligned in your financial understanding is equally important to the success of your partnership. Heart-to-heart conversations aren’t just words on sweet, chalky candy. You can […]

Charitable Giving with QCDs

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, some people have taken to making lists: not the shopping and cooking to-do lists, but a reflective accounting of our many blessings, large and small. In practicing this gratitude journal, studies show we become more mindful and appreciative. As we center our thoughts on gifts we have received, the proceeding […]

Overcoming Financial Fears

Happy Halloween! This spooky season can be fun, but not having a grasp on your financial future can be scary! You don’t want to leave your money goals to chance, but you may be paralyzed with the fear of making the wrong decisions – or doubting the decisions you already have in place. The frightening […]