Understanding I Bonds

Interested in earning 9%+ in a low-risk investment that protects your savings from inflation? If so, then I Bonds may be right for you.

Series I Savings Bonds provide an inflation-adjusted yield which is reset every 6 months. They are currently paying 7.12%. The next reset on May 1, 2022 is expected to increase to nearly 9.6%.

I Bonds can be redeemed after 12 months with three months’ interest penalty, and there is no penalty after 5 years.

Asset Advisors, through its custodians, is unable to purchase I bonds on behalf of its clients at this time. However, individuals are eligible to purchase up to $10,000 in I bonds each year through Treasury Direct (https://treasurydirect.gov/). Plus, individuals getting a federal tax refund can elect to receive up to $5,000 of their refund in additional I bonds.

Read on to see if I bonds may make sense for your personal financial situation.



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