What the Team is Reading:

“Most Estate Plans Fail, Don’t Let Yours Be One of Them”

“About 70% of estate settlements are followed by asset losses or a reduction in family harmony” writes Bob Carlson for Forbes. It is a sobering thought to believe that a lifetime of hard work actually leads to a reduction in family accord more times than not. Carlson makes three phenomenal observations that we can all learn from when thinking about and implementing estate planning:

  1. Follow through with the plan.
  2. Periodically revisit the plan and revise as necessary.
  3. Inform and prepare the next generation as well as you can.

At Asset Advisors we have over 30 years of experience helping understand, implement, revise, and carry out estate plans – whether that means wealth passing to a surviving spouse or to subsequent generations.  We want to be as active as possible in both the strategy and implementation of our client’s estate plans.  If you do not have a plan or have not reviewed your plan in some time, let’s discuss your objectives for your money.