Difficult Conversations Around the Dinner Table

The holidays bring families together, for better or for worse, and as we share a meal, several delicate topics might pop up: politics, religion, death, or money. Your family may have its own etiquette for whether discussion of politics or religion is allowed at the dinner table, but every family needs to have the conversation about death and money. No matter your age, there are factors to consider and discuss. Asset Advisors strives to help you with important considerations, such as inheritance tax planning, naming beneficiaries, consolidating investment accounts, and helping to implement your estate plan. You should have the proper documents in place: your will, power of attorney, and healthcare directive, but there are also many smaller details that surviving family members will need to know, such as your recurring expenses (lawn service, electric bill, etc..), your debts, the cashbox under your bed, or your social media passwords.

Consider using this document* to help your family gather this knowledge now to ease the process during an already difficult time. Perhaps it will help facilitate a necessary conversation this holiday season – a conversation that shows your love and concern for what your family will have to decide when you are no longer with them.

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(Besides having a paper copy, there are also online tools for organizing information, such as lantern.co. Just be careful where you store full account numbers and sensitive information.)