Financial Compatibility

Are you financially compatible with your sweetheart?

This Valentine’s Day may have you thinking of hugs and kisses more than credits and debits, but many relationship experts agree that being aligned in your financial understanding is equally important to the success of your partnership.

Heart-to-heart conversations aren’t just words on sweet, chalky candy. You can have different money management processes and goals that blend into a compatible relationship. The first step is to start the discussion about your financial histories, philosophies, and expectations.

  • Are you an aggressive investor?
  • Do you want to avoid debt?
  • Who’s in charge of the accounts?*

Give us a call to start your joint financial planning. We’re not marriage counselors, but we can help you work through conflicting opinions to find a harmonious wealth management strategy.


*For the full list of questions, see this article from Forbes. 7 Questions You Can Ask Your Partner To Become More Financially Compatible (