Understanding Your Financial Identity

April means rain showers and taxes and National Financial Literacy Month. Many organizations focus this month on raising public awareness of the importance of financial education and maintaining smart money management habits.

Even if you feel pretty secure in basic financial know-how, have you ever merged that with understanding your financial identity?

For instance, you may know yourself to be a Spender or a Saver, but that simple definition is about as descriptive as male or female. There’s more to you than that! In Money Strong, Liz Davidson identifies seven financial identities: natural investor, bargain hunter, minimalist, planner, giver, automator, and hybrid. Besides identification, she also helps uncover how your financial decisions are informed by three factors: your beliefs regarding the function of money, your success in other life areas, and working with your natural inclinations instead of against them.

Mastering financial literacy means acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to manage personal finances effectively and then utilizing other available resources. One valuable resource is a wealth manager. Asset Advisors can help you understand your goals and how to reach them based on your past habits or new habits you want to learn! Give us a call today at 706-650-9900.

For more information on Liz Davidson’s main steps, see this article from Forbes.